The Queen’s Coronation: The Era of the Divine Feminine.


Welcome to a new era. Who would have ever known three months ago that our world would transform the way that it has, and yet, that is exactly what it has done.

Trans-form. It has so drastically altered from what it once was that its form, shape, and energy are no longer the same. The economic engine steered by a patriarchal world order spanning millennia has halted, and what has taken its place? Absolutely nothing. And yet transformation requires exactly that: a void.

Birth and death — the ultimate in the material transformation cycle — moves from one energy to the other, and what we are left with is a void. The mother, pregnant with life inside of her, births a child — a literal change of form takes place, leaving her with a void. Death is similar; there is a being full of energy and life, and then that life is gone, leaving a void, a dark space.

We know that energy never dies; it simply changes form, yet through that alchemical process, there must be places of darkness, of stillness, of nothingness in order for a new energy to emerge.

We are all inside of the void, the empty space that was once filled with people, things, and work — whatever kind of work we were doing. But most of that work has relented, and we are left with a void. Voids are dark, they are silent, and they are uniquely empty. And this has created a crisis on a collective and personal level.

For a culture that has created its identity around being full, consuming, and always needing more, to have nothing to do is creating a profound existential crisis. What are we left with if we are not busying our days and nights, chased by the incessant need for more? Even bigger, what happens when we begin to realize that our sense of purpose is wrapped up in that need for more?

Now, more than ever, we are meeting our shadows. These are the parts of our internal world that we have kept at bay through the constant churning of work. For so many years, doing has been our identity, so much so that being has been seen as being lazy, indulgent, and just bad.

When one is still, there is no escaping the internal world. The saying “Still waters run deep” directly applies here, for even if you are a mother or father having to deal with children all day, the collective hum of man and machine has all but stopped, giving us time to breathe, look around, and most importantly, feel.

Doing, unless it is balanced and checked by being, throws us off, and if continued for too long, displays itself as a disease. The word dis-ease, is exactly that, being ill at ease. Dis-ease is created by imbalance. There must be a level of being that is counterbalanced by doing, they must be in balance in order to be whole.

This is what the Tao has taught us with its yang symbol representing light, action, doing, and the Masculine. Its opposite, the yin symbol, is the state of being. It is dark, internal, absorbing of the void, and most importantly, the Feminine.

And that is exactly what the coronavirus (corona meaning crown in Latin) is initiating. With its imposed self-isolation giving us a retrospective of our life and its meaning, and the halting of all consumer activity, we are left with a stillness that allows for our truth and the deeper aspects of our self, our soul, and our shadow to be accessed.

The synchronicities couldn’t have been written any clearer, the signs couldn’t have been shown any brighter. This is the initiation of a new era, and it is the era of the Divine Feminine.

There may be chaos, pain, confusion, and loss all around us, but simultaneously, there is Love. When we are able to simply be without having to perform, prove, or compete, the silent energy that animates this living world is able to be seen and felt. This energy animates all of life, including our own.

It’s what makes our hearts beat with red blood, it’s what makes the wind blow, the grass green, it’s a pulsing rhythm that guides and directs us, if we are receptive to it. The only way to become receptive to this force, this feminine force, is for us to begin to feel, and that is what I believe this coronation is truly about.

Now more than ever, people are conscious of one another. A collective shift has taken place, one of empathy for the health and well-being of others. Our hearts have become activated, and we have begun to value empathy as a collective energy.

Traditionally, within American culture, empathy was identified as being overly sensitive, weak, irrational — all of the reasons why women have been ill-suited for leadership. Rationality has been the prized virtue over sensitivity, and this has disconnected us from our bodies, where we are given direction, through feeling.

This rationality has legitimized the rape of the earth and land in the name of progress, and has simultaneously dis-embodied us to our deeper instincts and intuition. The body is where our truth lies, our feelings about things are where we are informed by our gut instincts.

Our feelings, empathy, and sensitivity are actually the entryway into the non-rational guidance of the Spirit realm. It is how this force communicates through us, guiding us towards a higher unified outcome. Yet because of the imbalance of masculine and feminine energy in our world, we have been taught to dismiss this force that is our true nature.

This is how we have become numb and domesticated, so separate from our own internal guidance that we have all but lost it. The key piece here is that this internal guidance is actually part of ourselves, of our souls. It is the Feminine, the part of us that feels and cannot explain how we know things, yet we do.

Time and time again, I have seen so many clients who come to me unable to access their truth. They are wrapped up in the shoulds of life, such as I should make this amount of money, I should marry this person. Yet they come to me exhausted, weak, and depressed completely deprived of their internal power.

These clients have a deeper primordial feeling that is beyond the rational that knows something is not right, and that knows the path they are on isn’t the right way, that is why they are seeking healing. Yet no one has ever taught them that these deeper internal feelings need to be honored and venerated, or that this may be the source of their own deeper dis-ease/distress.

No one has ever taught them that these feelings are our intuition, and our own Internal Feminine, or that this is the source for much of our own power. Its disregard is an integrated part of our current paradigm, and it is how we have gotten to where we are now on Earth, dis-ease ravaging our planet.

Yet now, at this point in time, as the machines that have perpetuated an overly rational and destructive system are literally grinding to a halt, and China sees its first decline of economic activity since 1976, a void takes its place — an empty space, where something was once growing and thriving is now literally nothing. We are collectively going from a state of doing to a state of being.

Our Feminine is being accessed, seen, and truly felt. This transition can make us feel scared and uncertain, and as the once pounding rhythm of the world stops, we are given a chance to feel, sit, and allow for a deeper truth to emerge. Accessing our yin shadow is not an easy process, yet it is the key to a truly embodied sense of worthiness and power. It is the key to wholeness.

We are at the precipice of a new era, an era where the healers, seers, and powerful wise women and men of the world can come out of the shadows and show themselves as the way-showers.  Yes, there has been a massive wave of death and destruction that this virus has created, but it has left a void, a silence. And that silence, despite the circumstances of its arrival, is the coronation of the Divine Feminine.

Our world has stopped, and the virtues of the Feminine are being exposed. As the masculine energy of doing wanes, the feminine energy must rise. Its energy is accessing the truth of our emotion, listening to the voices within that are guiding us, and allowing those forces to be seen, felt, and experienced as real.

This is the initiation into a new era, one where the silent spiritual energy that moves through every living creature begins to be seen, honored, and venerated for what it is. It is the Queen’s coronation, and the Queen honors life — all of life.

Darkness has been something we have been trained in our puritanical culture to be deathly afraid of. It’s where the devil lives, and where we hold our demons underground.

We have been trained to live in the light and go towards the light, at all costs. Yet, from a Taoist perspective, one that is simply objective without merit being attributed to either light or dark, the light cannot exist without the dark. It’s absolutely necessary to the functioning of all life, and to all cycles. The void is dark, yet it’s the soil from whence all life emerges.

The darkness holds the stillness, it’s the gestation period, it holds a quiet. It is through that quiet that we are able to access our truth.

 In Taoism, the darkness is yin, which is also feminine. Isn’t it interesting that darkness is attributed to feminine power? Yet it has been. For we cannot access any deeper wisdom or truth without first being still and going inward, the darkness is where the purest connection to the Spirit realm lives.

The darkness is the void, it is the Feminine, and never in modern history have we experienced the kind of dark void that we are in the midst of now. The paradigm of late wants us to fear this darkness, to avoid it, to do at all costs, yet it is this dark shadow that holds the power of the new.

Our dis-eased society is finally beginning to balance out, and the power of the Divine Feminine is emerging, giving us all a chance to sit with ourselves, meet our shadows, and dare to open to our truth. There is a force of love guiding, blessing, and protecting us at all times, but it is only in this void that we can access it.

A coronation is when a crown is placed upon the Queen’s head and she is honored, seen, and venerated for the powerful force that she is. This virus is correcting a deep wrong, a profound imbalance that She is correcting for us. The corona is placed at our feet, initiating us into a new era — an era that is marked by the Feminine. Its power, its darkness, its truth.

Are you ready to wear your crown?  Are you ready to reveal your Feminine power?


Chase Buttice is a psychospiritual consultant with a private practice in Los Angeles, California.  She is the founder of the Witchy Bitch Program, a 7-week program aimed at empowering and transforming the soul so that the participants may become even more of themselves in this lifetime. She does shadow work, rewilding, and astrology readings to assist and empower her clients. She is a firm believer that accessing one’s darkness truly brightens one’s light, and works with her clients to empower, enliven, and awaken their consciousness so that they may begin to live a life in full joy, abundance, feeling, intuition, and power.


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