It’s up to You to Feel at Peace Before It’s Too Late.


When people talk about their needs, I wonder why they need anything other than to be at peace.

At times, it appears we can only fathom the word peace in the way in which it’s written on a gravestone. An unrealistic term for anything with a heartbeat. Peace is only a dream for those who can’t dream anymore. It’s understandable why some of us make our great escape. Is peace a dream though? Can an individual have peace? Possibly through ignorance. To pay attention is unsettling.

If we all have a peaceful core, then why is the world so distracting? Why does the external environment play a greater role than that compassionate center, our childlike innocence that sits in the one thing you’ll have forever: yourself?

It’s as if we lose ourselves. Our environment hijacks us. We become powerful in groups, but we fail to empower ourselves. We become swept away in our identification and attachment to things that don’t belong to us.

We get mad when the world doesn’t reflect what we want it to. The only reflection that’s real is our own. If we don’t see our own reflection in our environment, we change ourselves. Unfortunately, this change is rarely to cultivate a greater sense of peace. We need too much attention to be peaceful. So we change to conform, to be a success, to make sense in a world that can’t accept us if we don’t speak its language.

Well, for me, I’d rather make up my own language. Intentionally, and not with ignorance. I know what goes on out there, but I’m going to hang out in my own mind, in my own body which is just as (if not more) real than the anarchy outside of it. Maybe a few individuals will make sense in my fantasy, other escapists of sorts. Other individuals for sure.

I think our fantasies are the only thing we have in actuality. It’s all quite made up anyway. All of  our fights, our work, this society, our money, our writing, the politics, our differences, our similarities… someone created that. Somebody, somewhere created every label you identify with. Each label has its hypocritical aspects.

A woman who is very sexually active is a whore, unfit for motherhood. Yet a mother is someone who has obviously performed the same sin. We are all entertained by the wild, but experience too much fear to follow anything but the stable route. Well, the words stability and wild were created by man as well.

As it turns out, whichever way you live — untamed or a slave — we all end up in the same dirt pile. One hopes it’s a dirt pile made of stardust. Just like anything, we can even make up the substance we turn into after we die. Reality is based on how many people choose to believe in it. Well, I’d rather believe in myself. In fact, I’d rather believe that I’m nothing.

Perhaps, to believe in nothing, but to love everything, is the only chance we have at peace. I still prefer to believe in myself than to believe in love. Accept if it’s my own version of love. As we all know, there are many versions of this thing we call love, which begs the question, which one is the real one? Well, my friend, that’s up to you to decide. Just as it’s up to you to feel at peace before it’s too late.

You could be a victim to experience, or choose to not be a victim to anything.


Jenna Rubin was born a freedom fighter. A rebel to society, she dropped out of high school and deemed herself a philosopher. Questioning society all of her life, she became drawn to the comfort of nature. The sound of the ocean, a place to lay her head, and a lack of hunger are all she needs to be happy. She has found this lifestyle in San Diego, CA where she spends her time wandering, moving, and revolting against social norms such as marriage, makeup, technology and employment. She believes living simply, and connecting with others through love, is the only way to beat the system. You could contact Jenna via email or Twitter.


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