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Healing the Second Chakra: Journey Around All Chakras.


Seven. 7. A powerful number showing up throughout many spiritual practices and religions.

Seven chakras, seven sins, seven gifts, even seven days in a week corresponding to the seven classical planets visible to early stargazers. For me, the number seven also evokes the Friends episode where Monica was using numbers to help Chandler grasp the many possible erogenous zones of a woman. The image of her shouting “7! 7! 7!” and then holding up seven fingers is one that makes me laugh every time.

It was associating this comedic bit to the work I’m doing around chakra healing that helped me understand that to heal one area, you must work on healing all. And that this healing is not linear, but bit-by-bit. Chakra block by chakra block. Number by number.  In any order they appear.

Healing the Second Chakra 

I started my own odyssey by asking to heal my second chakra. If you aren’t familiar, the second chakra is the seat of our sexual power and pleasure. Represented by orange and located in our reproductive organs, it’s more than just sex though.

When off-balance, this can manifest as jealousy, guilt, possessiveness, and shame of body and sexuality. When in alignment, it can help bring us grace, depth of feeling, sexual fulfillment, and overall creativity. I was about to discover how much else goes into all of those things too. 

Womb-Clearing Meditations

I started with a straight focus — heal the second chakra — and chose meditations that dealt directly with that. For me, a cis-gendered woman who has given birth, that included some womb-clearing. I felt some really powerful shifts after these. I spent a few weeks on it. All done — healed, right? 

Ha ha, no. 

I did feel better, but it was clear that I hadn’t pulled all the roots out. These insecurities were still showing up in other ways — in my self-talk, in my anxiety. 

Sense of Safety around Sex

In the space between thinking I had fully healed my second chakra and realizing I had merely scratched the surface, I had moved on to focusing on my first chakra. Also known as the root chakra, this chakra is represented by red and lives in the base of our spine. It is connected to a sense of groundedness as well as dealing with survival issues.

I have a lot of anxiety around feeling safe, and I was determined to get that up and out too. 

For me, this shows up as agoraphobia, I struggle to feel safe in strange places. I was trying to illuminate the origins of this mis-connection and how it all went together. What I found is that my body is my home, and I didn’t feel safe in her. 

By working on that first chakra, I felt something shift in the energies of my second chakra. By tackling a sense of self and family roots and expectations that stem from those, the by-product was healing in other places. 

The Vocal Cords and the Vulva 

From this root chakra detour, I tried to come back and focus on the second chakra again, as it was clear at this point there was more to do. But the breadcrumbs of the path of my curiosity of what I was feeling — following where my triggers were coming from — led me instead to the idea of expression, my voice. 

The fifth chakra, portrayed as the bluest blue (versus the indigo color of the sixth chakra — the third eye), was my next area of exploration it would seem. And one I was avoiding. I knew I had trouble expressing myself, but wasn’t that separate from womb-healing? From wanting more pleasure in my body? 

Turns out they are pretty strongly linked. As a matter of fact, in bodies with biological female parts (not talking gender here, that’s another discussion to me), but to bodies with wombs and vulvas, there is a physical body part reproduction between the structure of the vocal cord and larynx and the structure of the vulva and ovaries.

I saw an image comparing a cross-section of a vocal cord and how similar it was to the outside shape of the vulva, and it was a lightning bolt moment of understanding for me. 


Of course! How could voice and sex not be related? How can you find pleasure if you don’t know how to ask for what you want? Or to hear what the other person wants (in the case of relationships)? But also to listen and interpret what you see in the world around you in a creative way. If your voice is blocked, and mine was in ways I didn’t see yet, how could you hope to authentically express yourself anywhere? 

Finding a Voice — My Voice 

So, it turns out, for now, this is where the bulk of my second chakra healing would take place. In the fifth chakra.

The discoveries of how I communicate and the sheer amount of unknown people-pleasing I had (have) been doing would take me down rabbit holes of self-discovery. And allow me to find acceptance and appreciation for the ones closest to me, knowing we were all doing the best we can, and operating from wounded spaces. But as long as the love and respect were real, it was all worth fixing. 

And that brought me back to that fun Friends antidote. My journey for healing the second chakra started with that number — 2 — but detoured quickly to the first — 1 — before returning to 2. Then veered off to the fifth a few times, so maybe the sequence looked like 2 – 1 – 2 – 5 – 5 – 5, before coming back to 2.

And maybe, before this journey was over — for another realization was that it’s never fully healed, you just unlock the next level of this spiral and start back going deeper into things you’ve already addressed, but with a different perspective — I, like Monica, would need to reach 7 to heal 2.

At least I knew I would have fun and laugh as much of the way as I could, for that is part of my voice. And I trust there are many more Friends analogies on my way to spiritual enlightenment, which I define as the ability to rest a little easier in my own body, safe in my own soul, no matter how many times I have to circle back to learn and heal a little more.


Rachel Avery Conley (she/her) is a dreamer, doer, and accidental writer. Mostly a lover of light, she has recently been finding peace in the shadows.


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