Morning Dew on Blades of Grass. {poetry}

{Photo credit: Lisa Pedscalny}


One of my greatest teachers and sources of inspiration is the natural world.

My time spent in nature, often with my camera in hand, has become my most reliable form of therapy, and helps immeasurably with the anxiety I experience on an almost daily basis. Something about the process of slowing down enough to really sense and notice the magic in the countless ways the elements of our ecosystems intertwine, caring for and nourishing the whole, is deeply grounding and healing.

Nature teaches me not only to tune in and see what is happening around me in real time, but also that I am a part of it. Choosing to inhabit my own body, breathing deeply, and coming to my senses allows me to observe the details of my natural surroundings, and has become a channel to connect with insight and understanding far greater than I typically discover in the human world.

Recently, at a time when I was processing feelings of grief, I found my way outside early in the morning. At first, I felt blinded by my pain, and alone in the world at large. But as I walked silently, small pieces of the beauty around me began to find their way into my consciousness. I felt the cool morning breeze brushing against my face. I could smell the ineffable fragrance of moist earth and decaying leaves.

Then I remembered that I could practice with opening myself to the discomfort of my emotions, and allowed tears to fall from my eyes without holding anything back. In the same moment, the light started to pour over the horizon, suddenly illuminating the morning dew that adorned the long grass alongside the trail.

All at once, I was overcome with a sense of gratitude and connection, and I knelt down to take this photo, just as the sunlight intensified. As I did so, the words of this poem germinated in me, and came flowing out a couple of days later as I looked at the image I had captured.

Once again, Gaia flawlessly shared her wisdom in a way that soothed my soul and expanded my awareness of what is possible for myself, and all of humanity, if we can only commit to paying attention. I hope at least some of the essence of the lesson I learned that day can be shared through these words and this image.

Even when my heart is heavy,
even when the morning dew
on blades of grass
could just as easily be tears
streaming down my well-worn cheeks

When the light comes
In a moment, transforming
the very essence of what they are
They do not hold on
to such precious illumination
Instead, reflecting it back
with all their might

And suddenly, I see a thousand tiny stars
twinkling deep inside my own eyes
Somehow mirroring both sides
of a transaction, so selfless
my otherwise capable mind
labors, in vain, to understand

Surely, I must learn the lesson
ever gracefully taught here
And so, in the small way I know how
I reflect it back to you
in a simple photo frame
And words, that might describe
but never could contain
the truth behind the sparkle.


lisapedscalnyLisa Pedscalny experiments with creative expression in many forms, using her words, photography, art, and music to explore herself and the world she lives in. She is blessed to reside on Vancouver Island with her husband and two sons, where she is continually inspired and humbled by the beauty of her natural surroundings. Through her art, she hopes to share her passion for loving, celebrating, honoring and protecting the earth that sustains us all, while awakening other humans to their connection to the environment, and each other.


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