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All I’m Saying Is Don’t Live Another Day in Regret.


What if our outside world is a direct reflection of our inner world?
What is in your surrounding?
What can you see? Are your friendships nurtured? Your work, your material needs,
Are they loving and supportive?
Or do they weep from lack of love or have they been tended to with worries,
Creating a personal experience of disorder?
There’s a lot on this subject.
But what if, once we begin on this path of positive conscious self-creation, it’s not all smooth straightaway?
What if, in order to live your dreams, some so-called bugs need to be removed from one’s life?
This is done under the watchful eye of our creator.
You see, we are but of one realm with free will. This is what makes things for us earthlings at this time in the multiverses exciting, that we can create the future we want.
Want — it’s an interesting word, isn’t it?
In my experience, at the start of this inner self-awakening process, a lot of us have been so programmed that it takes multiple experiences to reprogram ourselves into our true being.
Only then do we begin to understand what it is our hearts truly want.
It’s different for everyone.
Kind of makes it exciting, don’t you think?
Just when you think you have it all figured out,
Another lesson comes to raise you up,
But not before it often so-called drags you through the mud.
You see, when I first heard the quote “Be like a willow, bend with the change of the wind,”
I thought there was no way I could ever obtain that level of acceptance.
But as time went on, and the more I focused on my peaceful state,
The more my world around me become peaceful.
It started off simple, with a smile. Just smile, the one creation that led me to the start of happiness.
True happiness is what we seek after all.
At the top of my game in the Merchant Navy, I felt I had fulfilled all my dreams.
That’s why it’s so important to follow those little or big dreams we have.
Once I had fulfilled one dream,
Another dream took its place, shining in the distance like a gold medal.
There seemed to be no lack, and I felt I was done each time,
But I was continually filled with a drive to make each and every one of my dreams come true.
That’s because it’s our birthright to listen to our inner voice.
In a world where we are taught what we feel is wrong,
Love yourself enough to listen to you.
Say goodbye to the echo of someone else’s voice trying to tell you which decision is best.
Everything I have dreamed, I have manifested.
As a girl, I wanted to be a drummer. I did.
When I wanted to play in a band and travel, I did.
When I wanted to be a stowaway on a wooden tall ship, I did.
When I wanted to be one of the only and respected women to have an integrated rating in the Australian Merchant Navy, I did.
When I wanted to become a mother, I did.
When I wanted to become a writer… well, I’m working on that one now.
All I’m saying is don’t live another day in regret. When you can awaken your soul, learn all there is to learn about your inner non-physical being, the part that transcends time, space and earth.
Learn just how wonderful you really are.


Born and bred ocean-loving Tasmanian, Cara Morris, set off to sea for 15 years. In this time, she was propelled into a spiritual awakening in 2011. From this, she has sailed down the rabbit hole and back out again, bringing with her a depth of knowledge and wisdom.


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