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Set Boundaries to Create Your Reality.


Did someone tell us at some point that it’s okay to bend so far over backwards for people that we’re putting ourselves into anxiety mode just to please everyone?

Meanwhile, they don’t even know you’re so stressed, while they continue to abuse your energy and boundaries all because maybe you didn’t assert them in the first place?

No, I don’t think anyone told us it’s okay to treat ourselves that way, but it’s something so many of us find ourselves doing anyway. I feel like people-pleasing is it’s own pandemic, and I want to talk about it because it’s not just been an issue for me, but many people for years.

This can include telling your roommate that it bothers you how messy they are instead of being a doormat and living in a messy house, telling the lazy group project member in class that you won’t hand the project in on time if they don’t do what they said they would, or telling the friend who bails that if they want to continue a friendship with you they need to show up, that you won’t just keep being there.

I’m not trying to open any other tangents, these are just examples.

We know what happens when you don’t assert your expectations.

The roommate continues to be messy and you’re the one stressing about living in a mess and cleaning it all, the classmate or co-worker procrastinates and you might be the type of person to stress about doing their part and yours instead of standing your ground, and that friend will keep bailing on you because by not asserting that boundary you’re telling them it’s okay to treat you that way.

I know, it’s tough when you have a hard time with confrontation, but are you living your life for them or you?

I say you control your reality, and I mean it. When you hold your ground and assert your personal power with people and situations, you raise your vibration and lead with your solar plexus with confidence. You’re saying, “This is what I want my reality to look like with these boundaries and expectations of people and situations, and you’re programming your reality.”

Think of it like this: Your house, your reality is your kingdom, and you’re the king or queen. Your boundaries are your defenses and walls of your kingdom.

So when you set your boundaries and stand your ground to people and situations that don’t serve you or your greater good, that’s how you construct what your kingdom and what your reality around you looks like. You want a life that works for you, people who cooperate with you, and don’t bail on you? It starts with boundaries.

A king keeps his defenses strong, stands up for his people, and the kingdom prospers. Remember, what you’re not changing, you’re choosing. So realize how powerful you are in programming your reality, and start attracting what you want instead of allowing what you don’t want. Construct your kingdom, and stand up for your life.


Jordan Forget is a loving father, a healer, and a seeker of the Old Norse wisdom. He draws from his background in kinesiology and his reiki training to provide his clients with a path to healing and balance. He has dedicated himself to helping others through this holistic approach, and is committed to continuing on his own shamanic path. Through his practice, he aims to demystify the road to being healthy and whole, and strives to provide his clients with the tools and training to be the best possible version of themselves. You could contact him via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or email.


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