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You Make Me Want to… {poetry}

You make me want to learn Morse code, so that if we were ever bound and gagged and held hostage, we could tap out a plan to save ourselves and everyone else, and if the plan went wrong, I could spend the last moments of our lives looking at you and batting 'I love you' with my eyelashes over  ...

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you & me

The Art of Trusting Your Journey.

Life is asking you to keep seeing the signs that have brought you here, to keep hearing your heart, your calling. Yes, synchronicities are harder to find, but they are still there, for sure. You see less of them -- only because fear and anxiety have gotten closer to your skin. Of course, it  ...

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The Gentle Art of Becoming.

We are emerging now from the moon in her darkest phase. A time to incubate and to unfold into life, instead of chasing it. A time of wisdom and introspection. Planting the seeds of our desires and allowing them to come to fruition as the moon reaches her peak of fullness again mid-month. This  ...

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