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The Gift Of Nothing.

A funeral’s a celebration though. We lose sight of that. A funeral can be a beautiful thing, calling to mind the heart of the journey; the victories; how we prevailed; those we touched; what we overcame and of course, who we became.

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My Sexual Peak Is A Celebration.

People throw up sex addiction when I’ve tried to discuss my sexual peak with them. Apparently, if a woman wants an abundance of sex, then she must have a psychological condition -- she couldn’t possibly just want to get laid.

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Dark Side Of The Full Mother Moon.

My plea, to my sisters of all phases on this lifetimes-long lunar web: Don't pretend not to see me... even when I'm losing it in the park at my kid, or mine is the child throwing a tantrum at the grocery store. Don't imagine, just because in this moment you shine, that you won't have to face an  ...

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Why Do I Need To Hear The Things That I Already Know?

Absolute knowing is a knowing you can hear again and again, but we confuse familiar with knowing. The familiar dances around the knowing. Its smell reminds us of the known, its taste reminds us of the known, its touch, its sound -- but like a spice mixed into a casserole so that you wouldn't be  ...

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