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Bang the Drum: Elegy for the Grieving. {poetry}

Bang the drum for our sons and daughters, for husbands and wives, mothers and friends. Shout death’s name to a clueless world. Bang the drum loudly! Love in grief has a powerful rhythm. Bang the drum with courage and strength! Bang it loud filled with compassion! Bang the drum proudly!

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Anywhere ‘Should’ Is, Pain Is Too.

What if rather than making it a personal, individualized, thing, looking at how we are not enough and we need to change, we need to look at society, at the system? What if we need to take the conversation further afield, away from ourselves and into the community in which we live?

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A Manifest(N)o: Clearing The Space For Yes To Manifest.

There are some scenarios where this shift to the positive is medicinal (while navigating a minor disappointment, for example), some where it would feel delusional (when grieving is necessary, there is no detour around it; the heavy heart needs our feeling and healing, and pretending that only  ...

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