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Caring for Your Creative: Curiosity and a Question.

What have you identified as or with for so long that you have worn yourself silly? I have tugged up Yoga tops, closed the collars of shirts, and only ever worn bathing suits that cover my chest -- except on the rare occasions when I am with my women friends or sisters with whom I swim naked or  ...

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4 Ways To Practice Love In The Time Of War.

How do we speak, not to the defenses and the armor, the puffed chests and bolstered cases, but to the innocent creatures beneath, rattled and confused? How do we step into the battlefield with curiosity, not to fight, but to call one another home? How do we call each other back to our own  ...

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What Sitting Still Taught Me About Movement.

I learned that I don't always need my passport or backpack to grow. Books have been the maps that lead the way, while writing has replaced the overnight bus rides and dodgy boat trips. Ideas are the cities and towns that I now explore with childlike curiosity, and they colorfully dot my route,  ...

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