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When Devastation Meets Joy.

I noticed an effervescent undercurrent that accompanied my panic and first trimester symptoms: a quiet, stabilizing joy. This has continued to expand within me throughout my pregnancy, outpacing even the growth of my belly, like a protective aura.

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It’s Against My Religion to Accommodate Nazis.

A deeper cut reveals a culture of psychopathy: a party sickened by its hatred, misogyny and xenophobia; grown too accustomed to deceit; blaming others for its missteps; compromised by a paralysis of ideas; resorting to character assassination and abject humiliation of perceived enemies;  ...

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I Like Taking Walks on the Dark Side.

In a room full of men, I’ll sniff out the one who’s recently been arrested or convicted for human trafficking or locked up in a mental institution. I can tell how bad his childhood was by the way he moves. Sick sense. The unhealthy, unhappy and inappropriate. These boys churn my stomach sick  ...

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The Hardest Law There Is.

The Universal Law of Reflection is the most powerful experience and insight there is. It has a healing and destroying power. But if it heals us, it means we're stronger than we ever have been. And if it destroys, then it means we have another lesson to learn. Either way, it's great, because  ...

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