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The Art of Trusting Your Journey.

Life is asking you to keep seeing the signs that have brought you here, to keep hearing your heart, your calling. Yes, synchronicities are harder to find, but they are still there, for sure. You see less of them -- only because fear and anxiety have gotten closer to your skin. Of course, it  ...

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In These Woods Alone: The Ecstatic Ache Of Creation.

The air grows heavy with the texture of sound, but the weight increases so slowly, so minutely, that if you walked into these woods alone you would begin to lose hold of your sanity, would wonder at the buzzing in your ears that fattens and develops into voices in your head as surely and as  ...

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you & me

I Chose What ‘Me’ Is.

My dad leaving, in no exaggeration, ripped a part out of my core. I have spent years focusing on stitching that gap. Therapy, Yoga, isolation from any friendship or relationship that triggers unwanted feelings. What I did not focus on is, when my mind wanders to that forest of doubt and  ...

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What Happens When You Find Love Again.

You trusted the last one when the red flags went off, so what makes this one different? What makes this love trustworthy and worth it? Between the fear and the doubt of your own understanding of the fear that is still in your mind, you have to trust your heart and your intuition.

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