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Cutting The Head Off The Mediocre Monster.

Were you caged as I was? Comfortable in the way you were living, and not really hungering for anything new? Were you pulled out of it against your will? Did you rebel? Are you eternally grateful to who- or what- ever showed you a different way of being?

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I Can Have Doubt & Still Have Faith.

I can be grateful and still not be content. I can be content and still be restless. I can have enough and still want more. I can be at peace and still have desires. I can love and still feel anger. I can feel deep sadness and still feel indescribable joy.

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Thank Your Demons, Then Set Them Free.

Instead of waging war against those voices of doubt and despair, could you maybe thank them? They are working so very hard to try to keep you safe from hurt in the only way they can. How do they know that really you are stepping toward wholeness? It’s outside the world they know, and you always  ...

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