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Fight the Feminist Stereotype. {poetry}

When people think of the stereotypical feminist, their thoughts seem to turn to a beast of a woman. She is impolite and unshaven. In fact, she is unkempt in all ways. Since she thinks the world hates her, she hates men -- the sex that put her in her place. Yes, this is extreme, but after  ...

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The Other Side of Her Illness.

What they didn't tell her about the other side is that upon arrival, the journey isn't over. It's not the end of the road, and it's not somewhere over the rainbow. Every day she climbs a mountain of thoughts. And she has to descend, wading through them again, before the sun goes down so she can  ...

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Surrendering To The Warrior Circle Within.

As we dance together in this connected exchange of power and control, we instinctively realize that we are not isolated from one another, even in our mistakes. We truly recognize that we are comprised of the wisdom and spirit bestowed by those who have committed to guiding our journey, and that  ...

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you & me

I Am Who I Am Because Of You.

So, no, you didn’t teach me everything, but you sure as hell taught me a lot. You taught me what it’s like to fight, and what I should be fighting for. You taught me what Saturday afternoons in love should be like. You taught me what midnights should feel like. And you taught me what waking up  ...

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