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Divine Weavers: Honoring Our Mothers As Artists.

Deeply disheartened in her marriage, yet pregnant with her second child, my mother had put all of her winter hope into her garden. When her flower beds were destroyed that spring, she got down on all fours, her round belly caressing the earth, and ran her fingers through the soil, desperately  ...

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Life Comes Full Circle: The Old Wolf-Woman And Youth.

Now she allowed herself to become what she had always been, bit by bit… transforming from tame woman to a wild and untamed wolf. One day, as she sat within her garden, she heard a sound. The high and sweet sound of Youth crashing through the woods, without a care or a thought. Beautiful and  ...

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To Live Freely In A Wild Place.

Once disappeared in the house, she began to disappear herself. It was gradual -- she was surprised if she caught her reflection, at the face looking back. It suited her, the invisibility of old age was just more freedom, for a woman especially. Only she rarely had to think about it, what would  ...

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