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F*ck… I Really Lived That!

The need for validation is pervasive. And it’s not gendered. Male, female, neither, both -- we are all raised with the idea that we must shape ourselves to appeal most fervently to a life we haven’t yet attained. It’s as if living alone weren’t enough, we must force life to be something more,  ...

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Darling. {poetry}

I swallow the rest of my wine, and slide the lip-stained glass to the bartender I lean over and touch her arm as my matte black nails drag softly over her skin She turns her attention away from the poor sap who never stood a chance

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I Am Afraid Of Geniality: A Conversation With Kali.

This is terrifying to me -- that the word geniality could have had such an impact on my self-understanding. I realize that kindness is a very real fear for me, and it’s not because I don’t wish to be a kind person -- some days it’s easier than others -- it’s because by being kind I open myself  ...

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What It Takes To Be Brave.

There has never been a question of what you are capable of because within you are crystal caves so remarkable that we are all brought to our knees when we’re finally allowed to see them, so open. This is the great task, to open the vault and set all of the hidden things out to play and dance  ...

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