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I Have A Christian To Thank For My Pagan Ways.

Thus my journey began, diving deep into research on- and offline, searching for all the mythologies of the old world, before Christianity attempted to wipe them out. I was astounded and amazed at the similarities amongst them, especially the ones that were separated by vast expanses of ocean  ...

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you & me

A Call From Shakti — The Divine Feminine.

I found the courage to be vulnerable, to let my softness find the solutions that this hard world could not find. To let my intuition guide me when my rational mind seems to be lost. To allow my senses to feel, and long for beauty to impregnate all I create. I found the courage to love  ...

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Finding Goddess At The Root.

As I surrendered the loss of my old self, I uncovered the whispers of my ancient soul. I realized that I had been called to the root of my body in a right of passage to understand the divine feminine. Once I surrendered to the brokenness of my physical core, I reclaimed my spiritual center.

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