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Don’t Turn Away: The Initiation of America.

And that is the whole point of the initiatory process. It comes crashing into our lives to dismantle and reorganize the status quo when the situation has become unbalanced, unsustainable; when we have been living unconsciously, blind to even our own machinations. It forces us to look  ...

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you & me

Sometimes We Have To Say Goodbye.

I am the music heard between the edges of wind and sea. I will speak and follow my deepest felt justices. My heart is an activist for voices unheard and unseen. I walk with the hurt and see into the dark. I listen and feel the stories untold. I am the dreams wrapped around my mug.

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I Want To Burn It All Up.

I want to burn it all up All this domesticated bullshit All this fear All this insecurity, mistrust, jealousy, All this you not showing up in your majesty, All this mailing it in and stuffing it down, All this keeping it small, good and polite because it’s what nice girls do.

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