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The American Mind.

The American Mind readily invokes God as a sedative, but only when visited by national disaster. Otherwise, it claims diplomatic immunity from what God suggests and morality requires.

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We Need Our Old Wounds, Even When They Ache.

Sometimes we don't know we have made it through a tumultuous period of our life, or that we have overcome a traumatic experience for the most part, until we're 10 years down the road, when we notice that there have been months strung together where we weren't aching or raving or raging or  ...

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you & me

To Have And To Hold: I Am Not A Machine.

I’ve never said this out loud to another person before. I’ve been struggling lately, and noticing my desire for comfort. To just be next to someone and be held. I’ve never wanted it before. Or maybe I haven’t let myself want it, but I do want it.

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

I've been learning about and loving Yoga for quite some time now, and I've remained disciplined when it comes to exercise in general. It never ceases to amaze me that I can continue to have moments like this. As with anything, sometimes you just go through the motions.

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