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It’s Against My Religion to Accommodate Nazis.

A deeper cut reveals a culture of psychopathy: a party sickened by its hatred, misogyny and xenophobia; grown too accustomed to deceit; blaming others for its missteps; compromised by a paralysis of ideas; resorting to character assassination and abject humiliation of perceived enemies;  ...

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you & me

Minding My Normal: Peaceful, But a Bit of a Job.

My husband and my children do not subscribe to my pages upon pages of thoughts and poetry and observations. They are loving and supportive, and they most likely skim my wordy musings from time to time. I can only imagine that there are minor moments of clarity for them as they read, if they  ...

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Finding A New Normal And Healing On My Own Terms.

I tell you this not to gain your pity or to put down one way of healing vs. another. I am sharing this because it is a story of success. I am finding my own way of healing, and discovering that healing can happen on my terms and in my own time and doesn’t have to look like someone else’s.

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Normal. {poetry}

Normal has some pretty strong allies, the Church, Education, the Workforce. Damn straight, Normal knows how to pick 'em. The other side also has some big guns. What is the other side of Normal? Checked the thesaurus and got this: Abnormal. Irregular. Odd. Strange. Uncommon. Unconventional.  ...

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