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F*ck… I Really Lived That!

The need for validation is pervasive. And it’s not gendered. Male, female, neither, both -- we are all raised with the idea that we must shape ourselves to appeal most fervently to a life we haven’t yet attained. It’s as if living alone weren’t enough, we must force life to be something more,  ...

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Shame on You for Shaming Me.

See, it’s easy for people to be mean these days, especially with social media. We become keyboard warriors, hiding behind a computer, saying things we wouldn’t dare say in person. When we insult others because of size, race, color, heritage, education, religion, gender preference, etc., we are  ...

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you & me

The Price of Proving Them All Wrong.

I had many situations in my life where my ego was way too big, and while angry, I did everything to verbally destroy them, and when I proved them wrong and they admitted it, I felt horrible. That's the funny thing about soothing our egos: it doesn't always feel good.

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When You’re Happy And You (Don’t) Know It…

You look at yourself, and realize that while you were busy entrusting the Universe with your happiness, the Universe, in all its wisdom, had been busy setting up these tests to make sure you can actually implement all that you’ve been observing along the way, and not just being theoretically  ...

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