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Unleashing the Feminine: A Word About Our Words.

In finding balance, whether in a person or in a society, it is important that we strike a balance -- between yin and yang, feminine and masculine, receptivity and activity -- regardless of which gender we conform to (or not). It is in this balance that we become whole human beings.

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Brave Rebels: Facing the Holidays with Healthy Defiance.

I’m all for crossing the gaps and building bridges over the wide divides. However, this Thanksgiving dinner may, for many, be a bit premature and not the right forum. It all depends on your family, the group dynamics at the party, and the loose cannons present who may make it hard for others to  ...

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you & me

The Final Seduction.

You feel it all deep in your chest: the thawing, the waking up to the holiness of your breath. You are seduced by your every move, and nothing or no one can take that from you.

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I Am a Freight Train on My Destiny’s Track.

You don’t have to scratch very deep to recognize that my greatest strength is also my greatest weakness. Freight trains are not equipped with the mechanisms to slow down or be patient on a dime. You have to throw them in reverse, and it takes miles of track and scorching metal to make that a  ...

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The Tale of the Beautifully Broken Maiden. {fiction}

As much as the fair Maiden stumbled and pushed and fought her way against the discomfort, the Knight would wait ever so patiently for her to surrender to the warmth he could, and wanted to, provide. She feared that kind of love, for she had never experienced such pureness. Such patience, coming  ...

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