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Unleashing the Feminine: A Word About Our Words.

In finding balance, whether in a person or in a society, it is important that we strike a balance -- between yin and yang, feminine and masculine, receptivity and activity -- regardless of which gender we conform to (or not). It is in this balance that we become whole human beings.

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A Note to My Daughter.

I wanted to write a few words of guidance for my daughter, and although this letter began as something solely for her, as I reread it, I realized that it's a letter for all of us -- young, old, daughter, son, mother, father... human. Take what you like, leave the rest behind.

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Hands To The Heart Center.

I feel so damn dirty and guilty when I can’t hear her pain anymore. I am her soul sister, it is my duty, so I hang on. I hang on, then hang up, and want to puke it all out for a cleanse; it so very hard to imagine the world that she lives in.

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