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Walking in Nature as Contemporary Mysticism.

When the gravel crackles underneath these Keen shoes, the technical sandals with which I replaced my shimmery, summer-fun footwear, the contemplation commences. It is shockingly immediate, an invisible portal that can snag any willing participant through a tiny slip that leads out and into an  ...

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The Way of the Yogin.

I believe the yogin, just like the martial artist, is another embodiment of the warrior archetype. It takes the endurance of the warrior to confront what arises in the stillness of the present moment.

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Add More Gratitude to Your Life.

Gratitude is an interesting concept. It’s one of those qualities that everyone accepts you should do, but that we rarely talk about how to do. It’s sort of like saying you should live in the moment. It’s easy advice to give, but you’ll rarely hear people explain how they actually live in the moment.

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