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I Am Capable. {poetry}

There are many things I can do (even those things don’t have to be perfect), whether silly or small, or things I only do for myself. They don’t have to be shiny things wrapped up with bows. I could be a great pessimist, or the best at ruining pancakes because I flip them too soon. The point is  ...

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Schools And Prisons: The Education Industrial Complex.

No child gives a damn about the Pythagorean theorem, or stoichiometry, or the falsified history of European devils. All of the garbage being taught is what wires students’ brains, and prevents free and critical thinking. Most students are force-fed lies, and frivolous information they don’t  ...

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A Blinding Shade Of Privilege.

We must first modify the system and the white behavior that has created this whole mess to begin with. Just as gender equality cannot be attained until we men change our dominant ways, racial equality will only occur when white folks decide to step aside, step down and make room for everyone else.

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you & me

What I Saw Unlocked And Rocked My Heart.

Throughout the years of working with children and families, I feel fortunate for all they have taught me. Learning is a reciprocal process, and gifts can be found in each shade of light and dark. I am a teacher and a counselor and a leader, but more often a follower of the needs of others.

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