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Don’t Turn Away: The Initiation of America.

And that is the whole point of the initiatory process. It comes crashing into our lives to dismantle and reorganize the status quo when the situation has become unbalanced, unsustainable; when we have been living unconsciously, blind to even our own machinations. It forces us to look  ...

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Don’t Let Your Anger Feed the Fire.

When someone tells us it is okay to be mad, that only feeds the fire. They are souls who don’t understand the ramifications of that energy, and they are seeking justification for poor behavior... I am anticipating my own backlash to what I had to say above, but my wish is for some thought to be  ...

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4 Ways To Practice Love In The Time Of War.

How do we speak, not to the defenses and the armor, the puffed chests and bolstered cases, but to the innocent creatures beneath, rattled and confused? How do we step into the battlefield with curiosity, not to fight, but to call one another home? How do we call each other back to our own  ...

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