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Gaia Will Unravel You‏.

Gaia will unravel you, and it will be fucking beautiful. You just have to actively surrender, and wholly accept what's waiting for -- and inside of -- you. You’ve got to consciously -- and daily -- choose the parting of the seas over the raging tsunamis. You’ve got to choose to follow your  ...

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In These Woods Alone: The Ecstatic Ache Of Creation.

The air grows heavy with the texture of sound, but the weight increases so slowly, so minutely, that if you walked into these woods alone you would begin to lose hold of your sanity, would wonder at the buzzing in your ears that fattens and develops into voices in your head as surely and as  ...

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It’s Lucky I Am A Woman: A History Of Silence.

The book had birds on the cover. It called me to what women once were. But the questions it asked made no sense. “What is the sound of a woman screaming with her hand over her mouth?” I didn’t know. There was a hand, alright. There just wasn't any screaming. How can you know what silence is  ...

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