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Grieving Under an Invisibility Cloak.

It seems to me that the cloak of invisibility worn by those invisibly grieving is no less than a superhero’s cape. While tossing and turning on mourning’s high seas, it can take Herculean strength to simply get out of bed some days. It can take immense strength to acknowledge that one must amp  ...

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3 Ways to Awaken Your Astral Athlete.

Desperate to merge my need to sweat with my new identity, I started an experiment. I designed every training session with the Moon as my muse. I needed working out to have a purpose, even one beyond self-care. I became willing to accept that my body didn’t show up the same, day after day, like  ...

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Invoking the Red Tent: A Vow to My Wounded Sex.

I feel a snake, uncoiling; an energy, unfolding. I see an earthen star forming the five points -- the rooted stakes -- of my hearth’s tent. I see it rise, solid and strong. Stoic, in a way, as it holds within its walls all of the mysteries, the atrocities, the stories and the epiphanies leading  ...

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