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It’s Against My Religion to Accommodate Nazis.

A deeper cut reveals a culture of psychopathy: a party sickened by its hatred, misogyny and xenophobia; grown too accustomed to deceit; blaming others for its missteps; compromised by a paralysis of ideas; resorting to character assassination and abject humiliation of perceived enemies;  ...

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You Can Almost Always Right A Wrong.

I’m fairly sure that this guy had a lot of apologies to deliver to a whole list of people who were obviously way more important than me. His apology tour was in full swing, but I had a lot of respect for him that night because he remembered being a jerk to me, and he swallowed his pride in  ...

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The Power-Hungry Games: What Is Your Cause?

What makes your heart feel full and warm, and what acts of kindness and service support you to feel alive and at ease in your solar plexus or core? And at the root of passionate service exists a stable human being. How are you taking care of yourself? Can you integrate nourishing self-care  ...

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When You’re Happy And You (Don’t) Know It…

You look at yourself, and realize that while you were busy entrusting the Universe with your happiness, the Universe, in all its wisdom, had been busy setting up these tests to make sure you can actually implement all that you’ve been observing along the way, and not just being theoretically  ...

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How Life Allowed Me To Learn What True Service Is.

Taking care of someone in your own family, especially a parent, is not like taking care of a friend or a stranger. As they inevitably become increasingly dependent on you, a profound and difficult -- psychological and emotional -- adjustment takes place. You become like a parent to them,  ...

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