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The Splendor of Sexual Fantasy.

When growing up in our society, we experience many different types of shaming messages about sex, and often this shame can be brought right to the surface when faced with a desire or fantasy that you don’t want to have, but at the same time, is an authentic desire. This situation is when it  ...

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Reclaiming Your Sexual Aliveness.

It is feeling the deep sensual pleasure of being alive and hungry for life, knowing that your desire and your heartbeat have saved you. It is reclaiming your sexual aliveness, and knowing that it is yours alone to do with as you please.

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Love Transforms All Pain: Healing from Sexual Abuse.

It is critical at this time to share what you are going through, with someone you trust. If you don’t, the turmoil of emotions may leave you feeling crazy, depressed, and helpless. Triggers allow us to clear out what no longer serves us, and by talking about this, we add another dimension to  ...

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It’s Against My Religion to Accommodate Nazis.

A deeper cut reveals a culture of psychopathy: a party sickened by its hatred, misogyny and xenophobia; grown too accustomed to deceit; blaming others for its missteps; compromised by a paralysis of ideas; resorting to character assassination and abject humiliation of perceived enemies;  ...

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