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Sundae Vag: Learning how to Celebrate My Sexuality.

Naomi Wolf explains that when women permit themselves to seek pleasure, including sexual pleasure, their dopamine system gets optimally activated. She calls dopamine the ultimate feminist chemical, as when dopamine levels are balanced, women are more likely to be confident, creative and  ...

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Invoking the Red Tent: A Vow to My Wounded Sex.

I feel a snake, uncoiling; an energy, unfolding. I see an earthen star forming the five points -- the rooted stakes -- of my hearth’s tent. I see it rise, solid and strong. Stoic, in a way, as it holds within its walls all of the mysteries, the atrocities, the stories and the epiphanies leading  ...

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So You Want to Love a Goddess?

If you wish to love a goddess, love the fact that however she presents herself is only a small sliver of the kaleidoscopic creature she truly exists as. And this is the power of women: mystery. Magic. Creativity, sexuality, grace, strength -- the gift of witnessing what it means to be able to  ...

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Healing From The Lie Of Purity.

I rose from the ashes of the underworld where I was banished to. I didn’t belong there, but many young girls lose themselves there, too ashamed to live on and face life. And that is why I speak today: for the families of the ones who didn’t survive, for those who did survive but lost joy in  ...

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