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A Plea To Your Words. {poetry}

It seems that she doesn't even need to complete a circle, as you wrote in your journal days before India. Unlike the tree Love travels back at each moment to her original form. To a primal time before the transformation she underwent to be a tool or a symbol of human passion.

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4 Ways To Practice Love In The Time Of War.

How do we speak, not to the defenses and the armor, the puffed chests and bolstered cases, but to the innocent creatures beneath, rattled and confused? How do we step into the battlefield with curiosity, not to fight, but to call one another home? How do we call each other back to our own  ...

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My Truth Expressed Is Beautiful — Because It is.

Don’t let anyone take apart your thoughts, dissecting you like a first-year medical student’s cadaver. Your thoughts, your perceptions, are a mosaic of your life steps and their resulting feelings. Your thoughts are not unlike a painting one may stop in front of for minutes, even hours, in a  ...

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