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Don’t Turn Away: The Initiation of America.

And that is the whole point of the initiatory process. It comes crashing into our lives to dismantle and reorganize the status quo when the situation has become unbalanced, unsustainable; when we have been living unconsciously, blind to even our own machinations. It forces us to look  ...

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F*ck… I Really Lived That!

The need for validation is pervasive. And it’s not gendered. Male, female, neither, both -- we are all raised with the idea that we must shape ourselves to appeal most fervently to a life we haven’t yet attained. It’s as if living alone weren’t enough, we must force life to be something more,  ...

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Gratitude for Pain.

I'm tired because I cried for hours and hours and hours last night, tears streaming and soaking my pillow, and I woke with swollen eyes, still feeling sorry for myself, missing my partner, lamenting my children's misfortune, and feeling the depths of depression that have characterized my life  ...

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Hello, Body Dysmorphia. It’s Me, Love.

I truly love myself and am grateful for where I am, a process that has taken many years, and as you can see, is never-ending. So when these moments happen, I send myself compassion and love. I allow myself to feel the feeling, do my best to live in the moment, and allow it to pass because... it  ...

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