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5 Ways To Own Your Power.



Victims believe they lack power. They exist in a state of fear and weakness, of belief in scarcity, that they are not enough or do not have enough.

As a result, their body is on constant alert so that over time, it weakens more, making them increasingly more vulnerable.

Victors own their power. They are strong at their core and power emanates from within them, influencing anyone who comes into contact with them without their need to use force. Their belief is that they are aligned with inner and outer resources, and that come what may, they are enough and have enough.

Their energy is thus continuously regenerated and renewed, enabling them to be venerable and resilient.

You actually have a choice of which you want to be, victor or victim.

How do you make that choice?

You lose the fear.

When you fear, you get manipulated.

When you step into your power, you get motivated.

Decide to have courage instead of fear, which means not shutting down and cowering away when life throws you a curve ball, rather examining your past for wisdom, aligning with your inner strengths and getting your body strong to handle challenges, and connecting to the guidance of something larger and more profound that enables you to feel loved and supported.

These are five ways to how you own your power:

1. Throw some weights around. The stronger your body, the stronger your mind and mindset. You may need to start light and slow, but you want to start if you haven’t already, increasing your exercise routine and making sure you add some sort of weight training. Get your body squatting, lifting, jumping and reaching.

The more supple and strong your body is, the more your mind will be ready to handle any adversity and the more confidence you will have in yourself.

2. Fuel the body with the right food. If you view your body and mind as a brilliant machine that needs fuel to be powerful, you are more likely to then eat the foods that help you thrive rather than cause you to dive. Avoid processed foods, sugars, white flour products and trans-fats.

Load up on vegetables, some meat, fish, nuts, seeds, whole grains and some fruits.

3. Allow for rest and regeneration. When you are sleep-deprived, your body becomes more stressed, as does your mind. You are more likely to succumb to negative thinking and fear-based behavior. Your body and brain need to sleep, and time to regenerate and recuperate from the stress of your busy life.

Shoot for feeling rested in the morning, taking naps if you have to, or adding a meditation practice.

4. Align your thoughts. Negative thinking and fear-based beliefs of not being enough or having enough not only cause you to believe that you are weak, but can also have the added effect of making your body weak. Align your thoughts in beliefs with this statement: I am enough, I have enough, I have all that I need; come what may, I have all that I need.

You may want to repeat the phrase to yourself, every time you find yourself moving into a negative mindset, to make the shift.

5. Connect to a higher power. The belief that you are somehow guided, supported or protected by something larger can help you tap into a state of calm and positive expectation. It doesn’t matter what you choose to believe in — be it God, nature, loving energy, the Universe or a Goddess.

The belief itself can enable you to glean meaning from any situation, find wisdom, and encourage you to tap into a power that is vast and large, which will consequently help you get through any adversity.



EvaSelhubDr. Eva Selhub adopts an integrated approach to health and well-being. Using her intuitive counseling abilities and scientific knowledge, she uses both Western and Eastern healing techniques to coach individuals to discover happiness and well-being and create optimum health and resilience. Connect with her via Facebook and on her website.


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