Only Truth Can Set Us Free. {poetry}

Exhibit 1:

Words came to me effortlessly

I called myself a writer, a thinker —

Until now.


The numbness stings my mind

the space in it is kicking for expansion

to equip me to learn better, to cope better.


Somewhat like when your consciousness stretches your mind

But this is not that.


Exhibit 2:

My heart is a fist pounding

against a cage meant to protect it

it has found a new voice to sing with

has heard the call

and wants to say a lot…


Your strength is your truth

and it is also another’s liberation

yes, truth can set us free.

I feel free.

I can breathe in the breeze

so it enriches the pit of my stomach

a bit more today,

just because of your truth

for only truth can set us free.


Exhibit 3:

“Are you saying we will all be free?

Are you saying we don’t need to suffer?

Are you saying this is a possibility?

Are you saying we deserve better?

Are you trying to tell me I am worth a lot more?”


Somewhere few silent survivors cannot still believe

the goodness, the courage made available to them

from people who will speak

truth, and own it as strength

those who will understand

no matter what and stand up for them.


They were told a lie they took for truth

that goodness and justice come at a price one must not be ready to pay

that they come for those who deserve them but who don’t demand or fight for them

that they come to those who suffer silently and pray

and paint their scars pretty and lick their wounds in a cave.


They are wiping this lie with anger now

angry with those who lied to them

so they could hide their own fears

or so they could fuel evil.

They know what doesn’t work for their good has to go now

they know there is never a price to pay for goodness and justice,

but there is one to pay for silence and suffering —

the price of disservice to oneself.


Exhibit 4:

“Is it really happening?

A revolution?”

asks a girl in a village

to her mother,

“The fight for your birth to me was a revolution”,

says the mother,

“we all have been revolting individually or in small

testing waters, cautious still.


It has been brewing in our hearts

and showing its true colors now.

because there is strength in numbers now

because from ashes you can’t burn any more

because from ashes you can only rise — phoenix-like

because from our own truth we can make us wings

because from our collective truth we can change our truth and begin.


Yes, it is a revolution

but it is only showing its true colors now

the colors of truth…

For only truth can set us free.”


Exhibit 5:

(Sorry, there is no room for pessimists)


MalvikaVazalwarMalvika Vazalwar is a dreamer who wants to leave no side of her personality unexplored and unexpressed. She is a wannabe practical person, a lifelong learner who respects experiential truth and authentic self-expression, a word-lover who discovered the joy of writing at the age of nine, and a truth-seeker. You could contact her via email or Twitter.


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