When the Dots Connect and My Past Makes Sense.


I’m not keen on looking back. What’s done, to me, is done.

Those moments that inspired warm and happy feelings, those I keep safe inside my memory. And the moments that weren’t that great, usually the ones linked to sadness and anger, those I have let go of. After I felt all there was to feel, and after I did my best to learn all that I needed to know. But then, I don’t feel the need any longer to linger in those not-so-great moments from my past. The past isn’t the place where I live. I live in the here and now.

And as I look into the future, from where I stand today, I see the goals I have set for myself. In the distance, I spot the dreams I still carry inside of me.

They’re the things I so eagerly want to express. The people I like to meet and embrace into my life. The changes I so sincerely want to make in this realm. Dreams I truly want to turn into reality in this life on earth. They’re not tangible yet, these dreams of mine. They haven’t yet shown up in the here and now. But from where I stand, I already see their outlines in the distance. And they show me where it is I could end up.

And as I stand here, daydreaming and staring at my future, there’s something in the distance that catches my eye. There is more to see than just these outlines. Every image that I spot on this skyline is made up of tiny separate parts. And when I focus and look more carefully, I recognize these separate parts. Every single piece represents an experience from my past.

And I identify the persons I once met, in relationships, in friendships and at work. I understand why every single one of these encounters, whether I liked them or not, was essential for my future goals.

I recognize the pitfalls I once stepped into, exactly the ones I will encounter in my new ventures but now I will be able to avoid. I see the new parts of myself I discovered and unveiled, ready for me now to use with that one endeavor that’s on my mind. I understand how every job and all the things I have done in my life perfectly fit in the image I have for me in my dreams.

Missing only one of these experiences would have made it more difficult for me now. I would have had less knowledge to use. I would have gained fewer insights into who I am, and into life in general. But most of all, I wouldn’t have felt so grounded and confident that the images on my skyline truly are within my reach.

I’m not keen on looking back. But sometimes it helps to turn around and see how all the bits and pieces that made up my past, now perfectly fit together and shape my future. The future that is so perfectly made and waiting for me.


LindaVanDerKwastLinda van der Kwast is a writer, a storyteller and a soon-to-be aura reader. She loves to explore what it is that moves people, and she has no fear of diving deep into a human soul to find that out. She likes to shed a light on things to guide people find their way back. It inspired her to start her website, believing that every person can be free to express herself who she is. At times she mistakes the sea to be her home, and you’ll find her at the beach, far horizons filling her eye, wondering what’s out there. Closer to home, you can meet her at Facebook or Twitter with a cup of tea and chocolate, balancing between expressing herself in Dutch and English.


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