My Beloved. {poetry}


As I stand here by the grave

Looking down at what once was

Recalling the memories made

The hardships, the pain,

The joys, the dreams,

Every single one

As precious as the last.

So long had I kept you on life support

Trying so hard to hang on

Not let go

Hoping that you would rise up

Ready to have fun

Ready to fly

Ready to fight again

You fought so valiantly in every battle,

Retained my freedom in every war

Never compromising

Ensuring my reign forever

And forevermore my heart will be grateful

But it was time to let you burn

Set fire to all that had been

Let the warrior rest in peace

So another could rise in its place

And what was promised

Would rise from the ashes

Ready to take its place

In a world full of unknowns

The past and the present

Cannot coexist in this life

Only one can prevail

And to live in the past

Is to live in sorrow and regret

Longing for what once was

And never looking to what could be

So, as I turn my eyes to the sun

I set sail on a journey

Discovering new things

Leaving the old things to be just a memory

To remind me of how far I’ve come

And what I am capable of

Goodbye, sweet soul

You bore much and survived more than foretold

Now it’s time to rest

And let the new take hold

Leading me down a path unknown

It breaks my heart to bury you

My beloved warrior and friend

My tears set fire to every inch of your lifeless body

But it must be done

I cannot live while you endure

Too many scars and deformities

Remain in what you are

And now I let waves of the ocean wash over me,

The wind spin me round and round.

Take me to a distant land

So my past is never found.

Goodbye, beautiful dreams

Those that kept me alive these many years

You protected me

Pushed me to keep going

When I could stand no more

Many times, you were all I clung to

But I will imprison you no more

And instead set my sights on a new horizon

Willing to let what is to come, be.

And no matter what that means

I will not turn my head

Or dwell on the past anymore

If you are to be

My dreams, you will return to me

And I will fulfill every piece of you

Sparing no expense

To the best of my being

And make sure you come true

Scared and uncertain

I step forward

Like a phoenix taking its first flight

Praying, hoping that maybe

Everything will be better

Perhaps new dreams will come

A new goal

A new future

 One that I otherwise would have never dreamed of

A place where happiness is never lost

One thing is for certain

Nothing will be the same

And if and when I return to this distant land

I will be

Forever changed.


Karen Kirby is a southerner who loves theatre and poetry. She believes these are the two best ways to spotlight problems and emotions in the world that are often swept under the rug. Today’s society does not always allow a person to express their deep emotions or feelings. They are often deemed ‘sensitive’ or ‘crazy’ even for expressing how they truly feel. Yet in poetry and theatre one can express these deep emotions without ridicule. This is why she writes. So that those who feel as deeply as her never feel alone.


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