For the Love of Gaia. {poetry}


Dearest Mother Earth,
I see you. I hear you. I feel you.

On behalf of the human race,
I am so deeply sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

You have loved us so unconditionally
embracing us exactly as we are.

You have fed us all our lives
and clothed us for all our human days.

You have allowed us to breathe,
to drink of and swim in your waters.

Your being has cleansed us all,
transmutated the junk we’ve released,
allowed us to sink our roots into you
and make you our home.

And in return,
we have stolen from you
what was never ours to take
like a thief in the night.

We have dug deep into your most intimate caverns
without so much as asking your permission
blown up your inner resources and
done what we will for the sake of greed.

We have raped you more than any other being has experienced,
built ugly contraptions on your body that force you to bleed out.

We have spat on you, rampaged through you
cursed you for your turbulence
and your tears that pour from the skies.

We’ve turned our backs on your cries
surrounding our hearts with walls so thick,
stuffing our faces and bodies and endlessly, mindlessly distracting ourselves, so that we can no longer
hear you, feel you, know you,
not wanting to face our atrocities.

We have ignored you for far too long
adorned you with rubbish created
from our takings from your being.

We have poisoned your blood, your skin,
your womb, your being, your air,
with the deadliest of toxins
as if you were a mere dumping ground.

We have done everything imaginable,
and the devastatingly unimaginable
except tear your beating heart out of your chest.

God/dess knows we humans would do just that
if allowed to continue our childish ways
all the while looking for more ways to intrude on your body and take, take, take
while you gag and sputter and grieve so deeply
your inner screams piercing the air
so tired of not being heard
and deeply honored as you should be.

Oh dear Mother,
How could one forgive us so
the way you have always forgiven us
and held us so close to your tender aching heart
in spite of all we have done to hurt you,
betray you, ignore you, and poison you.

We must now pay the price,
being faced with the consequences of our foolish actions.

And now you must release all that grief
the sorrow, the fury, the toxins
and poisons we have shoved into
just about every crevice of your body
even while many will still deny
or pretend you do not feel
would never be angry
or do not suffer,

I know you. I see you. I feel you. I hear you.

I hold space for your sacred releasing
for all of your expressions,
every single one,
for whatever you need to do
to heal yourself, to release trauma
to bring yourself back into balance.

Grieve deeply, my dear Mother
sing and shout and shake it out
yell and scream and be enraged,
whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.

You deserve your peace after all these millenia,
your body back into a safe space for healthy sustainable living.

I am here with you
witnessing your process
and holding you in my heart.
I love you unconditionally

Dear Goddess Gaia, Pachamama, Madre Tierra, Mother Earth,
May all that you are be fully liberated
from the shackles humans have thrust upon you,
the density we have surrounded you with,
the deep wounds and scarring and trauma we have inflicted on you.

May your heart shine bright as the sun
uncovered by the layers of pain,
the toxic walls we have built up
and forced your being to carry.

Before we know it
you’ll be giving birth again
to brilliant realigned magnificence
after the storms of this great shifting.

I trust your process
Your wisdom
Your sacred needs
Your heart
Your divinity.

You know what is best for you
to return to pristine order.
I honor you and step out of your way
while you do just what you must.

I am your humble servant and child
and you are unconditionally
my faithful loving giving Mother.

May we cease to take from you
and be rebirthed with you
whole and deeply connected
to you, and with our divine selves.

May we all know you as pristine again.

So be it.


Jessica Eagle Whitefeather is passionate about empowering others to remember that all the answers, healing and wisdom they are searching for can be found within. A lover of nature, freedom and the magical weavings of life, she is passionate about living in deeper harmony and connection with nature, flowing freely with the often wild current of life, and uncovering universal mysteries while learning to embrace all of the strange and glorious experiences human life has to offer. She dreams of visiting faraway lands, swimming with dolphins in the wild, and building an eco-friendly, sustainable, holistic soul sanctuary — financially accessible for all who resonate, where sacred geometry structures are scattered throughout the lush land — a haven where women’s, men’s, and children’s sacred circles are held in the spirit of community, celebration, harmony, unity, and honoring our beloved Mother Earth. You can connect with her via Facebook.


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