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A Letter to the Beautiful Overthinker in You.


Dear fellow overthinker,

Deliberate, considered, weighing up all the options,

You have deep and insightful reflections, an ability to look at things strategically and from various angles, the gift of being able to plan and devise, the foresight to predict…

… but you also struggle with stress and anxiety, emotional and physical lethargy, rumination, stagnancy, relationship difficulties…

… and maybe you don’t even realize you’re an overthinker. Because this is all you’ve ever known. You’ve been living this way for so long that overthinking has become the norm, your default. 

Quite often, it’s not until you’re in the presence of someone who doesn’t overthink that your overthinking tendencies become apparent.

When they roll out of bed in the morning without a care in the world for what needs to be done or what their day ahead looks like. In that moment, they simply ‘be’.

When they have an interaction and don’t replay and analyze it in their mind for hours on end.

When they don’t future-trip and try to plan their life to the nth degree.

When they embrace unexpected change with flow and grace.

When they can sit and watch a movie without concerning themselves with how else they could be utilizing their time or what needs to be done.

Make no mistake, there is so much beauty that is born in the mind of the overthinker, but, more often than not, there is also distress and anguish.

But it’s okay. You don’t need to try and change yourself. You just need to remember you can choose peace.

Because I know for myself that when I revert back to my overthinking tendencies, and get swept away by a deluge of obsessive thoughts, I’m not joyful. I’m not peaceful. I’m not creative. I can’t problem-solve. And I’m not the brightest version of myself that I know I can be.

It’s less about changing myself, and more about acknowledging my overthinking tendencies, noticing when my thoughts become destructive and unproductive, and making steps towards inviting more peace and calm into my life. A tendency to overthink can be both a blessing and a curse, but the choice is mine to make.

Would you like to let go of overthinking? Here’s some questions to consider:

How does your overthinking serve you?

How does it hinder you?

What signals occur in your mind or body that show you you’re overthinking things?

And perhaps, the most important question of all, when do you feel most peaceful in your life and mind?

What daily rituals are you prioritizing?

How are you beginning and ending your day?

What and who are present?

What and who are absent?

What are you absorbing? (Think: books, energies, music, media and information)

I know for myself that I feel most like me — the most true calm essence of me — when I’m:

Prioritizing meditation and becoming calm with my Meditones.

Creating music.

Mindfully reading (as opposed to mindlessly scrolling).

Spending time with people who nourish me and raise my vibration.

Spending time in nature.

So often in life, we strive for external happiness — the relationship, the career, the connections, all the things. And we often forget to prioritize our internal metrics of success — how peaceful we feel, how much energy we have, how well we take care of ourselves and our mind, body and soul.

As an overthinker, it’s natural to want to think your way out of life’s challenges. But often what we really need to do is press Pause, take a breath, and allow things to unfold in their own time. This is where the journey towards deep and fulfilling peace truly begins.

So my beautiful overthinker, how are you going to invite peace into your internal world, right here and right now? How are you going to give your tired mind a break, and instead live with more peace and calm?

Peace is possible. You can become the calmest person you know. And you can begin right now.

With love,

Tahlee, your fellow beautiful overthinker


Tahlee Rouillon is a music composer extraordinaire at Sonesence. She helps people become the calmest person they know, through her transformational Meditones music. Meditones help produce relaxed brainwaves with a simple pair of headphones, making deep meditation effortless. Tahlee has been described as ‘a musical genius’, and ‘the voice of an angel’. When she isn’t blissing out to music, you can find Tahlee wandering about the rainforest, eating good food with good friends, and laughing out loud. Really loud. When you hear it, you’ll know. You can grab your free Meditones track and experience the bliss for yourself here, and contact Tahlee via her website, Instagram or Facebook.


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