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Self-Preservation in Honoring Your Truth.


We are living in an age where we shout about honoring our truth and unleashing the untamed feminine wildling within.

We are not wrong in doing this, because in order for change to happen, we need to rattle some cages, but this path requires responsibility too.

I have begun reading “Witch” by Lisa Lister and, despite my openness, my social conditioning still leads me to feel uncomfortable with some of her content. Expressing words like pussy and cunt, which are words to me that are best used in secret or stated in a hush under one’s breath.

At the same time, I am of the belief that words only have power if we give them the power to destroy, awaken, hurt, mend… our intentions behind the words, our emotions, are what give them the conviction. But that is my inner desensitization that needs to play out. It’s a never-ending journey sifting through what is our authentic self and what is inherited learning through conditioning.

This book definitely speaks to me. I have always believed that in a past life, I was drowned as a witch, and I have been told before that I was a priestess in Egyptian times. I generally don’t talk much about this, mostly because society as a whole still shuns these things. Mostly people just think you’re a bit mad.

But those who know me know that I have the knack to know things I shouldn’t and to be able to guide those in need, all from a very young age. That said, I have a lot of people close to me right now who are struggling with life. The world is in a type of turmoil right now. Whether it is an astrological alignment or just a shift of consciousness, you can’t deny that people are more often than not in a similar position.

That’s why I am keeping myself positive but not living in denial about the reality of the hardships people are facing as our economic infrastructure is taking a massive strain, leaving every man in a state of distress.

I like to consider myself more awake than most. It is not something that happened swiftly or easily. Through it all, I have faced a lot of rejection. Learning to read others better and being more at home within myself has taught me to taste the environment around before speaking out (most of the time).

Usually when I talk up too much, without making this assessment, I feel the awkwardness in the air. Often accompanied with a jest from the parties involved like, “Whoa, this just got deep.” And that, ladies and gents, is how to lose people in your crazy. I know I am not crazy, I have been right often enough to know I have a strong intuition for things, and the more I flex that muscle, the stronger it gets.

But just because you have something to say that can help others does not mean it is safe to do so. You also need to get over the idea of being right or taking credit for being right.

This book so far speaks about being tired of having to keep quiet. Unleashing your inner witch and being open about who you really are. But the truth is, the world is not ready for you. We are evolving and awakening a whole lot faster than before. You have to ease people into these things in order to win them over for real.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a practicing witch at all. I don’t even regard myself as one. But I do believe in the magic of healing people in ways that make no scientific sense, and that you are the master of your own destiny by the energy you put out into the environment.

I believe in the ability we all have to change the world, one smile at a time, by putting kindness and love in the spaces you are in, and the ability to destroy the world through anger and hate, which can also make you ill. I have seen all of these things work in my life, and seen how they can change the lives of those around you. That is why I believe in the power of all these things.

I also believe in the connection we have to nature, that being connected to animals is a vital thing for us to live happily on this earth. We are, after all, all part of Mother Nature’s creations.

Where I feel people need to be careful is how they approach a world that is not yet ready to see the truths out there. People are happy in their ignorant bubbles, and if you were to burst them, they will only blame you for destroying their world, even if it was all an illusion. A wise Buddhist friend once told me, you are robbing someone of the lessons they need to learn in this lifetime by forcing them into the light too soon.

Trauma needs to happen for people to truly wake up. Recognizing the mortality around us and catalyzing the strong desire to actually live the life you were born to live comes more often than not out of trauma. That is how I changed my direction. I was always into the spiritual stuff, but got lost in the hustle and bustle of life before really coming home to my awakened self.

Once you can see through the bullshit in the world, you can’t un-know it. That’s how you decipher what is important and what is not. That’s okay as well. Because you realize how much that is put out there is small stuff not worth sweating over. You become more and more at peace with the mania around you, remaining focused in the eye of the storm.

Most important of all though, trying to get people to see the truth and being entirely honest with others is not safeguarding yourself. When you are waking up and you can feel that war between your conditioned self and authentic self, you are a very tender creature. Delicate and fragile whilst your power is charging up internally. This leaves you open to danger and attack.

Attack comes in forms of gossip and feelings of ill-wishing against you. In the spiritual realm, we call these psychic attacks, and we constantly have to revisit our barriers and blocks we put up to safeguard ourselves from these things.

I had a friend recently who innocently speaks her truth. She is so sensitive that she can come off a bit crazy to those who do not understand or accept the spiritual world. She thought she would feel better telling people what was true. Being honest and open is her thing. Which in essence is beautiful, but in reality, people shun it as much as they crave it.

Her openness has alienated her from those in her inner circle, because they feel hurt by her truth. Spiritually, that is their own stuff to deal with, but ultimately it leaves her feeling rejected, unacknowledged, and feeling like she is losing her mind.

Because she now questions herself due to the opinions of others, she ends up doing more damage to her confidence, leaving her distrusting her own inner voice and essentially doubting her intuition. All because she spoke her truth to people who were not ready to hear it.

So I urge you to speak your truth wisely. It is powerful, but it is not going to bring you friends. It will alienate you. When people are not ready to hear things, you are doing more damage on the spiritual path than good. You need people to want to follow you because they trust you can guide them properly.

In my experience, being a hard-ass, holding back no punches, is not the way. Yes, you will win more fanatic types over, but not the masses. And in order to really have an impact in this world, you need to quietly guide people from behind the scenes, knowing you won’t get the credit for it.

We aren’t showmen, we are guides. To be one requires subtlety, and you need to be okay with not getting the Thank You’s all the time, because your motivation is not to get the credit, but to know you have made a difference on this plane. With this duty comes the wisdom to know the right path, to responsibly choose a path that will make the most impact in the lives of others with the least amount of fallout.

Whilst taking this subtle approach, you are able to protect yourself from others.

There is nothing worse than trying to help people who are not ready for your help. Seeing them on a course for self-destruction, possibly in between life or death, is the hardest thing to watch, but you have to know that it is not your burden, it is theirs. You don’t have to be okay with it, but you have to accept it, because it is far less painful than becoming the outcast in the world of your peers.

We need to feel accepted and heard, that is one human quality we all crave. There is no point in preaching to the choir, you need to be able to reach those who will genuinely benefit from the message of waking up. All the intuition in the world and some psychics still can’t read people well enough to help them when they actually want your help.

These are some of the things that go against the cause of creating a better society. Respect people’s boundaries, be there for when they fall, and honor their journey over yours.

After all, you know where you are heading, be the map to guide them when they ask for direction, eventually… maintaining your own self-preservation whilst you do good, leaving less casualties along the way.


Genna-Wae Webster is the creative mind behind the clothing brand Wae West. She was named after a character played by Priscilla Presley on Dallas, Genna Wade. She is a free spirit, a lover of furry beings (especially her cats) and believes in existing within the positive realm when it comes to how she lives her day-to-day life. Commercial clothing and costume design have been her passion since her early teens. Unicorns, mermaids, fairies and all things fantastical inspire her. Collecting superhero things, My Little Ponies and shoes get me excited. Getting lost in movies and TV is what she does for escapism from life. Being involved in helping others with guidance wherever she can is also a big part of who she is. She never tires of talking, and fights for the underdog with a strong will, big ideas and bold opinions. Yoga is how she keeps fit, and doing photo shoots for fun is how she grows in confidence by putting herself under the very uncomfortable spotlight. She believes that facing your fears and being authentically You, no matter what people think, is how life should be lived, and living in a state of unconditional happiness is how you maintain a positive mindset.


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