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We the Witches Have Always Been Listening.

“The earth has music for those who listen.” ~ George Santayana

There is no denying.

Witches hear the earth sing many beautiful songs.

For the witches have always been listening.
Enchanted notes of life through the call of the birds, through the whisper in the wind, through the rhythm of the rain, and through the rush of the ocean.

The witches hear the earth summoning us. Her sadness is felt deep within our bones.
Sorrow stokes our hearts and agitates us to stand firm with the unmistakable knowing that the time is now.

Yes, the time is now.

It is the time to remember. It is the time to wake up and rise up. It is the time to call out and to take action. It is time to save our home.
In our cells, the truth rings with a clarity that foretells of our remembering.

“I didn’t decide to call myself a witch, I remembered I was one.” ~ Lisa Lister

There are those who don’t listen. There are those who try to silence the voices of the witches. Some say it is a trend to say you are a witch, but make no mistake that we are remembering.
Make no mistake that we are here to honor the earth.

So, in the morning on my way to work in the fragments of this concrete city, I stop in my tracks.
I greet three starlings braving the wind as they sing. I see the monarch flying over the road. I witness the children who have not connected with the trees.

We the witches have braved the wind as we hear the earth crying. We have braved centuries of persecution, yet our cells remember the wisdom voices.

Our stomach’s churn and our veins sizzle and our voices seethe as we say, “This must stop!”
“No more,” we call.
“No more,” we scream.
“No more,” we chant under the moon.

For the earth, for the animals, for the children, there can be no more.
For we are all connected.

“The songs of our ancestors are also the songs of our children.” ~ Philip Carr-Gomm

This knowingness swirls through our cells. All of our grandmothers’ grandmothers’ grandmothers stand behind us as we usher in this new time.
The season of the witch.
Yes. Some say this is a trend, but make no mistake.
We are remembering.
That we are here to honor this earth.
We sense the earth’s magic as a mirror of our own.
As the systems that harm become seen, understood and crumble in shambles, the witches are here to pick up the pieces.
We have been waiting to throw the pieces away.
We have been waiting to rebuild.
We are here to make magic, and so we have begun.
To claim the word ‘witch’ and heal without compromise.

“A witch is born out of the true hungers of her time…” ~ Ray Bradbury

It has been centuries, but we remember.
We are rising up.
The time is now.
For there is no denying that this witchcraft runs deep.


Keira Wetherup Brown is a teacher, writer, wellness coach, and mother of two daughters. A Masters of Counselling graduate, Keira’s life work is to empower women on their journey to transform, heal, and remember their soul’s purpose. She integrates mindfulness into her coaching practice using a narrative approach to help her clients uncover their inner wisdom. Steeped in the wisdom of the Divine Feminine, Keira passionately advocates for pelvic health awareness. You can find her creatively exploring all things magical on The Gossamer Path and sharing pelvic floor knowledge on Sacral Healing.


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