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Invoking the Red Tent: A Vow to My Wounded Sex.

I feel a snake, uncoiling; an energy, unfolding. I see an earthen star forming the five points -- the rooted stakes -- of my hearth’s tent. I see it rise, solid and strong. Stoic, in a way, as it holds within its walls all of the mysteries, the atrocities, the stories and the epiphanies leading  ...

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Gaia Will Unravel You‏.

Gaia will unravel you, and it will be fucking beautiful. You just have to actively surrender, and wholly accept what's waiting for -- and inside of -- you. You’ve got to consciously -- and daily -- choose the parting of the seas over the raging tsunamis. You’ve got to choose to follow your  ...

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The Untelevised Battle Lines.

These wars begin inside and push their way out. They require personal examination and reevaluation. To know ourselves is to know each other, so why not turn all of our outsourced energy within back to ourselves? Fill ourselves up until we’re overflowing and have within our grasp what we need --  ...

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you & me

The Gift Of Nothing.

A funeral’s a celebration though. We lose sight of that. A funeral can be a beautiful thing, calling to mind the heart of the journey; the victories; how we prevailed; those we touched; what we overcame and of course, who we became.

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The Girl Who Jumps Fences.

… it’s not my fault. It’s not your fault. It’s not our fault. We’re not victims. We’re not survivors. We’re human beings who’ve been through some fucking awful shit. Some of the worst. We experienced some of the most obscene acts of depravation one human being is capable of inflicting upon another.

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