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Dear White People.

Saying sorry is more likely to reinvest white power with the sort of moral nobility a philanthropist acquires for spreading his wealth. A deeper sort of accountability is needed -- one that brings us to the edges of ourselves.

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Chill Boys, And Fire Women.

There is nothing aspirationally cool or chill about boys like this -- a better description would be frozen by fear. Perhaps a more honest disclaimer would be "Hey, nice to meet you, I’m a coward. This means that while I’m keen to see what being with you would be like, I’m too afraid to actually  ...

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Angry Birds: 5 Reasons To Let It Go.

I tried to startle the bird away, communicate with him, and use compassion. Nothing seemed to work. He was determined. It is painful to watch someone we love be consumed by anger. It’s hard to observe loved ones hitting the wall or going back for another round of a painful lesson. After all,  ...

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