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Make Space & Be Kind to Those Who Reject You.

To God I turned, and in Him I learned that all is just as it needs to be. This moment, this space, and the even greater distance between my lover and I, is what is and what shall remain to be. I chose to deepen my faith, and I miraculously fell into the grace. I did not fall easily though. I  ...

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So You Want to Love a Goddess?

If you wish to love a goddess, love the fact that however she presents herself is only a small sliver of the kaleidoscopic creature she truly exists as. And this is the power of women: mystery. Magic. Creativity, sexuality, grace, strength -- the gift of witnessing what it means to be able to  ...

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Turn Your Back on the Systems That Want You to Hate.

We cannot address the deep collective sickness without addressing our own. We cannot apply surface solutions to deeply embedded collective traumas and claim it is enough. We cannot change the oppressive structures of the current regimes without stripping it down to its bones, and rebuilding its  ...

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