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39 Things I Believe When It All Seems Unreal.

My list started small and kept growing and will continue to grow. This space of calm is like the wingspan of a great blue heron, gliding across the stillness of a channel. It expands and releases and touches, creating ripples to the four corners of a universal web. Our effort to keep pushing  ...

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Erstwhile Wild: Nature Taught me How to Be a Woman.

Elegance is a forest makeover with dirt on my face and pine needles in my hair. My blush is the flush of the sun on my cheeks. My lipstick the drip stains of wild berries. My eye shadow the dirt that clings to the tears I press face down, hoping to quench this drought-thirsty soil from the rain  ...

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A Love Affair With Autumn.

As the nights grow crisp and the air is a splash of freshness, something inside of me wants to savor the art of folding inwards. The intrigue of this alluring state is incredibly stirring. To check my reality, I blink to make sure I can find a way to match the pause and rhapsody.

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Lessons by Nature: Live the Seasons of Life.

Contracting Lyme disease took me from a full blooming Summer into my Fall, then the longest Winter. Nature saved me as a teenager, learning how to live in harmony within myself and those around me.Thinking I had nothing else to learn from nature, I sought to teach others of this wonderful world.

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What Is Initiation?

A woman’s intuition matures when her deepest relationships are severed through death, making the only viable communication through her spiritual connection fueled by her love.

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Happiness Is Birthing Your Art.

You will scream and cry from the agony it causes you. You think you may die as you feel your world being turned inside out from the exposure of your authentic self. You will grasp at anything nearby, screaming profanities, red-eyed and sweating. You will wish to be numbed with the hardest drugs  ...

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Fierce Body Nourishment: 5 Gentle Steps.

As a teen, I survived a very personal war. The two opponents of this war were equally powerful forces: mind vs. body. It was an inner battle that raged night and day, interrupting my life in ways I’d never wanted or wished for, wreaking havoc on nearly every aspect of daily routine with  ...

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