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How To Find Grace Through The Grieving Of Death.

“Help,” I thought, looking around to others, “I need a tourniquet. Can’t you see my friend is dying?” But as I search the familiar faces around me, I realize they are all bleeding out in their grief. There isn’t enough triage in the world to save you from this pain.

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What Is Initiation?

A woman’s intuition matures when her deepest relationships are severed through death, making the only viable communication through her spiritual connection fueled by her love.

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Happiness Is Birthing Your Art.

You will scream and cry from the agony it causes you. You think you may die as you feel your world being turned inside out from the exposure of your authentic self. You will grasp at anything nearby, screaming profanities, red-eyed and sweating. You will wish to be numbed with the hardest drugs  ...

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