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Don’t Turn Away: The Initiation of America.

And that is the whole point of the initiatory process. It comes crashing into our lives to dismantle and reorganize the status quo when the situation has become unbalanced, unsustainable; when we have been living unconsciously, blind to even our own machinations. It forces us to look  ...

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A Confession: What I Really Do in Public Restrooms.

Do you find yourself feeling half-spoken, half-heard or half-moved? Does your body heat up with energy like a premeditating volcano? Does your body have an empty space that howls with numbing wind? In what ways do unexpressed perceptions, translations and stories get locked in your body and  ...

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Is It Love Or Addiction?

We continue to want the same thing from this individual, not realizing that after a while, we don’t enjoy it, and maybe we never did, yet we still need it. The moments of comfort and bliss are fleeting. A feeling of emptiness prevails.

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He Called Me By My True Name.

People will try to label you with their words. Whether they come from situations they experienced with you or not. Words formed by their perception of the world and formed by their own beliefs.

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