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Wrangling with Our Shadow Side.

I’m holding in my body so much anger and humiliation, and I’m lashing out at the one who hurt me. There is a real confusion in my heart as to why we found ourselves in this place. I have lost confidence in who I am and my place in the world... My shadow side is the pure expression of my hurt,  ...

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Disrupt the Fear.

I create my world of love and strength with a mixed bag of tricks that I use to disrupt my darkest moments. These actions are also the things I love most about life and living, and so they are also there for me in my lightest and brightest moments.

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Yoga for Your Happily Ever After.

If we are genuinely seeking positive change in our lives, then we just get started. We choose the powerful practice of Yoga to facilitate our growth. We don’t hold expectations on how fast or slow this change should take place. We don’t berate ourselves when we have setbacks. We just start

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