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Why Do I Need To Hear The Things That I Already Know?

Absolute knowing is a knowing you can hear again and again, but we confuse familiar with knowing. The familiar dances around the knowing. Its smell reminds us of the known, its taste reminds us of the known, its touch, its sound -- but like a spice mixed into a casserole so that you wouldn't be  ...

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I Have A Christian To Thank For My Pagan Ways.

Thus my journey began, diving deep into research on- and offline, searching for all the mythologies of the old world, before Christianity attempted to wipe them out. I was astounded and amazed at the similarities amongst them, especially the ones that were separated by vast expanses of ocean  ...

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10 Ways To Awaken Your Aliveness.

Spirituality, to me, is different from being religious, as I see it as my direct relationship with a supreme being -- the source of all life. I understand the inherent worth of all religions and accept many of their wonderful teachings, but I’m not tied down to any of their dogma.

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