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3 Survival Tips for Those Who Are Lost.

Do you feel you deserve a raise? Ask for it. Do you want to take that girl on a date? Ask her. Do you want to go to another restaurant because you hate the one they suggested? Ask them. It can be big, it can be small, but deep down, you know what you want, so you might as well just go for it.  ...

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Bang the Drum: Elegy for the Grieving. {poetry}

Bang the drum for our sons and daughters, for husbands and wives, mothers and friends. Shout death’s name to a clueless world. Bang the drum loudly! Love in grief has a powerful rhythm. Bang the drum with courage and strength! Bang it loud filled with compassion! Bang the drum proudly!

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The Plight Of Women In Recovery.

While treatment is a protected environment, many women do not feel entirely safe and supported in a coed facility and may even be further traumatized. For women who struggle with relationship issues such as codependency, etc., attending a coed treatment center can inhibit the recovery process.

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